We Solve Waste Problems
With Energy Solutions

BRADAM Energies is a Renewable Energy company developing net carbon-neutral solutions to address a multitude of environmental issues. Our patented Carbon Energy Recovery (CER™) System works to divert carbon-based waste from landfills and convert it into clean, renewable energy in the form of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) & Green Hydrogen or Substitute Natural Gas (SNG).

WASTE is a terrible thing to waste.

Plastic Waste Solutions

With less than 10% of all plastic products being recycled, plastic has become ubiquitous throughout the environment and is wreaking havoc on ecosystems at a global scale. Our system keeps plastic out of the environment by converting both pure and contaminated plastic waste streams into useable energy and destroys all chemicals of concern (such as PFAS) in the process.

Biogenic Carbon Waste Solutions

Biogenic carbon waste is any waste derived from biological sources like plants and trees before they are fossilized (such as food waste, animal waste, wood, etc.). As biogenic carbon waste decays, it emits methane. Methane is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide in trapping heat in the atmosphere. The CER™ System eliminates methane emissions from biogenic carbon waste by recovering 100% of the energy within it and preventing it from going to landfills.

Solid Waste Solutions

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Industrial Solid Waste (ISW) are generally either incinerated or landfilled, both of which result in negative environmental impacts. Further, both practices result only in partial energy recovery from either waste source. Our system converts all carbon-based MSW and ISW into useable energy and eliminates the negative environmental impacts to the atmosphere, land and available water supplies associated with current practices.


Learn How Our CER™ System works:

The CER™ System produces energy from carbonaceous waste | BRADAM Energies

The Energies We Produce:

Energies Produced from Biogenic Carbon Waste

Energies Produced from Fossil Carbon Waste

Mitigating Carbon Emissions:

Energy produced by the CER™ System displaces fossil carbon | BRADAM Energies

The CER™ System plays a critical role in keeping geologic sources of carbon (fossil carbon) underground and helping restore the balance of the earth’s natural carbon cycle. Geologic sources of carbon have been stored underground for the last 60 million years. The combustion of fossil fuels transfers underground geologic carbon into the atmosphere. This added carbon results in an imbalance in the natural carbon cycle which in turn destabilizes the climate.  

Our system is environmentally friendly and free of the following:
No Incineration in circle with line through | Bradam Energies' Carbon Energy Recovery Process is a no incineration process to turn waste into clean, safe energy
No toxic air emission in circle with line through | Bradam Energies' Carbon Energy Recovery Process is a no toxic air emissions process to turn waste into clean, safe energy
No waste to landfill in circle with line through | Bradam Energies' Carbon Energy Recovery Process is a no waste to landfill process to turn waste into clean, safe energy

When The Earth Wins, We All Win!

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The Future is Clean. The Solution is Clear.