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Image Use Policy: BRADAM Group, LLC. BRADAM Energies

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Image Use Credits:

1. Worker and manager industrial factory – Copyright: kzenon

2. Garbages, plastic, and wastes on the beach – Copyright: Fabien MONTEIL

3. The old bulldozer moving garbage in a landfill – Copyright: Dejan Veljkovic

4. Pile of domestic garbage in landfill – Copyright: kanvag

5. Sea, ocean, and blue sky – Copyright: Thomas Vimare

6. Colorful Smoke – Copyright: Vitalij Sova

7. Two Blue Flames from Gas Stove – Copyright: Rudmer Zwerver

8. Clean Energy Concept – Copyright: malp

9. Abstract Molecule Copyright: 3dart

10. Driver fueling with clean, green fuel – Copyright: dolgachov

11. World Flags – Copyright: Alexei Novikov

12. Stocks and World Map – Copyright: feelart

13. Equipment for gasification – Copyright Leonid Eremeychuk

14. Waste Plant Interior|&mediapopup=53572395 – Copyright cylonphoto

15. Earth from Space – Copyright 1xpert