Process Outputs

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen (H2) is a chemical element abundant in nature. Currently, most industrial hydrogen is produced by steam reforming natural gas and is used in the refinery business for hydrocracking. Hydrogen is also produced through electrolysis, which requires large amounts of electricity.

The CER™ System is capable of producing hydrogen in a much more sustainable way. When hydrogen is produced from 100% biogenic carbon waste (non-fossil fuel sources, such as occurs in our system), the hydrogen can be deemed, “Green Hydrogen.”

The future of hydrogen use, specifically “Green Hydrogen,” is extensive and strong. Fuel Cell technology uses hydrogen as its energy source, and will be used to power automobiles, trucks, buses, aircraft, ships, and trains. The demand for “Green Hydrogen” is hereby accelerating at a rapid pace, and our system will help to meet this demand in an emission-free and fossil fuel-free way.


Learn How Our CER™ System Converts Biogenic Carbon Waste to Green Hydrogen:

We Solve Waste Problems
With Energy Solutions

In all four corners of the world waste is polluting our lakes, oceans and the air we breath. Traditional ways of dealing with waste are antiquated, expensive and have a negative effect on our environment. There is a better way.

BRADAM Energies' Carbon Energy Recovery (CER™) System creates energy from waste using a Canadian developed revolutionary process that is highly efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

Not only do we solve the world’s waste problems; we create energy in the form of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Green Hydrogen, or Substitute Natural Gas (SNG).

WASTE is a terrible thing to waste.