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Bradam is prepared to partner with local, regional and federal governments and companies both private and public to develop solutions that address multiple issues. Known as 3P relations or public-private partnerships, Bradam can develop a solution that works both financially and environmentally for all stakeholders.

In many cases with the appropriate partners Bradam can bring the financing necessary to complete a project with private or institutional funding. Bradam seeks long-term solutions that address a combination of waste issues, costly or inefficient energy and environmental challenges. Bradam will partner with like minded groups to bring a solution that is sustainable for many years to come.

Waste is a terrible thing to waste.

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Partnership Frequently Asked Questions

Bradam is open to developing 3P relationships (Public, Private Partnerships) where multiple partners are involved in facilities.

Bradam seeks to develop its network of steam reforming facilities in locations where there is a serious waste issue, expensive energy costs and where protection of the environment is important.

No the company views having multiple investment partners as a competitive advantage in its ability to expand the network of facilities.

We view relationships as strategic. Our partners need to be like minded, taking a long-term view to investments and with the ability to potentially develop multiple sites. Partners with a strong presence in the market to be developed and the ability to bring these relationships and local knowledge to opportunities are key.

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Invest & Partner

INVEST with Bradam Energies

To compliment its plan to aggressively develop a network of Bradam SRP facilities internationally the company is actively discussing opportunities with third party groups to invest alongside Bradam as strategic partners.

In addition to investing directly in a waste to energy facility with debt or equity, Bradam is also open to partnering with strategic investors that can develop geographic regions where the investing partner has a strong presence, an excellent track record, the financial wherewithal and the ability to successfully complete the establishment of a facility with Bradam’s assistance.

The company has developed an asset light business model which gives us tremendous flexibility. Strategic supplier partnerships with world class developers and fabricators of components combined with relationships with key engineering and insurance providers allows the company to deploy resources in international locations utilizing the bench strength of our partners.

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We Solve Waste Problems
With Energy Solutions

In all four corners of the world waste is polluting our lakes, oceans and the air we breath. Traditional ways of dealing with waste are antiquated, expensive and have a negative effect on our environment. There is a better way.

The BRADAM Carbon Energy Recovery system creates energy from waste using a revolutionary process that is highly efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

Not only do we solve the world’s waste problems we create energy.
Renewable & Synthetic Natural Gas – Electricity – Hydrogen – Alternative Fuels

NO Incineration – NO Toxic Emissions – NO Landfills – NO Odors

WASTE is a terrible thing to waste.