Energy Production


Synthesis gas or Syngas is the “raw” gas produced by the BRADAM CER™ (Carbon Energy Recovery). The syngas comes off the rotary kiln created from the reforming process which takes carbonaceous waste and breaks it down to its original elements- hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane. The syngas produced by the BRADAM CER™ is a very high quality gas with an energy value of 350 btu per standard cubic foot, this is a much higher energy quality than traditional waste to energy processes due to the absence of any incineration or oxidation.

The syngas has been tested and certified for use directly in electricity generation by a world class producer of natural gas turbines. The syngas can also be further conditioned to produce other valuable energy products.

BRADAM Carbon Energy Recovery Process Syngas = 350 btu/scf

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Energy Production

RNG - Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas is natural gas produced from organics or said another way not from fossil fuels. The feedstock used includes food waste, animal and human waste, wood biomass, organic industrial and commercial waste. Renewable Natural Gas is in great demand due to its origin from organics. The use of Renewable Natural Gas qualifies the end user to receive carbon credits as offsets against carbon tax.

Most Renewable Natural Gas comes primarily from the capture of methane in landfills and from anaerobic digestion systems. Both landfill gas capture and anaerobic digestion produce much less gas per tonne of organics processed than the BRADAM Carbon Energy Recovery process which converts 100% of the organic waste to useful products including large quantities of pipeline grade natural gas not from fossil fuels.

The Renewable Natural Gas produced by BRADAM can be injected into the existing natural gas pipeline for distribution across North America or it can be converted to LNG for export off shore.

Renewable Natural Gas displaces 100% of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions when used in place of fossil fuel natural gas.

BRADAM's Carbon Energy Recovery Process will help decrease your landfills.

Energy Production

Synthetic Natural Gas

Synthetic Natural Gas is pipeline grade natural gas which has been produced from carbonaceous materials such as municipal or household solid waste, commercial waste from hotels, restaurants and industry and contains everything from diapers and non-recyclable plastics to sewage sludge and construction waste.

The BRADAM Carbon Energy Recovery process uses a bio-methanation process to condition the natural gas for export from the facility via the North American natural gas pipeline infrastructure which means delivery of Synthetic Natural Gas throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Synthetic Natural Gas produced by the BRADAM CER™ has the same btu value of natural gas from fossil fuels.

Synthetic Natural Gas has a btu value of 960 btu/scf equivalent to fossil fuel natural gas but is produced from waste.

BRADAM's Carbon Energy Recovery Process will help decrease your landfills.

Energy Production


Electricity can be efficiently produced from waste using the BRADAM CER™. The Syngas produced by BRADAM can be used directly in gas turbines. One tonne of waste produces 1.5 gross megawatt of electricity some of which is used to power the BRADAM facility and keep it self sufficient. The end result is 1 megawatt of power is available to be exported to the grid for use by consumers, large industrial users and municipalities.

BRADAM also can provide industrial customers with off grid electricity and heat by locating a turbine at or adjacent to the industrial user creating a Co-Gen (combined heat and power) process by transporting the conditioned syngas it produces to the client via the natural gas pipeline.

Co-Gen applications are best suited for large users of heat and electricity such as industrial customers, hospitals and airports. The waste from these customers can also be used in the BRADAM CER™ allowing the industrial user to divert their waste from landfills thus making a positive contribution to their local communities and the environment.

1 tonne of waste produces 1 megawatt of electricity.

Energy Production


Hydrogen is a chemical element (H2) and is abundant in water and organics. Most industrial hydrogen is produced by steam reforming natural gas and is used in the refinery business for hydrocracking a process used to produce jet and diesel fuel. The syngas produced by the BRADAM CER™ contains 46% hydrogen and when the process involves 100% organics the hydrogen is produced from non fossil fuel sources or “green hydrogen”.

The future of hydrogen is very strong. Fuel Cell technology uses hydrogen as the basic fuel. Automobile manufacturers are focused on developing fuel cell technology to power electric vehicles. The demand for “green” hydrogen or hydrogen from waste is accelerating at a rapid pace. BRADAM’s CER™ produces large quantities of hydrogen.

46% of the syngas produced by the BRADAM CER™ is hydrogen

Protecting You, Your Family & Your Property Value

Energy Production

Green Fuels

BRADAM’s Carbon Energy Recovery Process produces a synthesis gas that can be further processed into alternative fuels including biodiesel, aviation fuel, non-fossil fuel hydrogen and methane and an array of chemicals.

The alternative fuels produced by BRADAM’s CER™ are “drop in” or generation II fuels which means they do not need to be blended with petroleum based fuels due to their high quality. Alternative fuel is considered to be carbon neutral because they do not result in a net increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Alternative fuels have the same energy values as petroleum based fuels.

We Solve Waste Problems
With Energy Solutions

In all four corners of the world waste is polluting our lakes, oceans and the air we breath. Traditional ways of dealing with waste are antiquated, expensive and have a negative effect on our environment. There is a better way.

The BRADAM Carbon Energy Recovery system creates energy from waste using a revolutionary process that is highly efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

Not only do we solve the world’s waste problems we create energy.
Renewable & Synthetic Natural Gas – Electricity – Hydrogen – Alternative Fuels

NO Incineration – NO Toxic Emissions – NO Landfills – NO Odors

WASTE is a terrible thing to waste.